Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Featured Etsy Seller - Megan's Beaded Designs

Megan's Beaded Designs

Etsy Shop Name: Megan's Beaded Designs

Your Name: Megan (who wouldn't thought, right!?!? :-))

Age: 22

What do you make?: Pretty jewelry, patterns, hair accessories, and paintings!

How long have you been making it? 

FOREVER! Literally since before I was 5. My grandfather was into Native style beadwork, so my sister and I picked it up when we were very young.

Shop description: 

Unique beaded jewelry and accessories, perfect for showing off your individuality! All of my items are handmade, beaded by me. That means everything from my bead embroidered headbands to my peyote bracelets were created painstakingly one bead at a time. You wouldn't think so with my super low prices, but it's true! This is a shop that does NOT simply glue an already-ready applique to a metal band and call it good. I make all of my designs MYSELF.

Random fact about yourself: 

I have some of the strangest music taste ever. My favorites include (but are not limited to) Broadway musical soundtracks, and heavy metal like Metallica and Godsmack.

Link to your shop:

I have a few other shops on Etsy too, not as full as this one, but I'm hoping to expand on them eventually. They,

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