Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Featured Etsy Seller - Papersouls


Etsy Shop Name: Papersouls
Your Name: Jules Royce
Age: 28

What do you make?
I make polymer jewelry, mostly octopi, in bright awesome colors and clothing accessories (hats, purses) that are fun and out of the ordinary. Ever want an octoring in your fave color?

How long have you been sewing, and making polymer jewelry?

Lets see, I've been sewing since I was a kid, and when I was really small I made animals out of clay to play with my other toys. I really started selling about three years ago, with the encouragement of family and friends. I always thought my creations were kinda strange and noone else would like them but me, and boy was I wrong!

Shop description: Awesome Jewelry and Accessories for you to punk it up, rock it up or whatever you do! I make what makes me happy and hopefully it'll make you happy too!

Random fact about yourself: I'm a native Texan but I love to travel. I currently have no permanent address, and live in Norway. When I return I'll be selling/living out fo my camper in Austin, and this is just the way I like it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today's Projects

  I found this pattern 
today and remembered that I had some Mason jars that I wasn't using.  The first one I made was using her pattern, I just added some rows.  I think my jar was taller than the pattern called for.  I now have a place for my crochet hooks.  I LOVE her pattern!

 Then I was wondering if I could make something like that, with acrylic yarn, but kept not fitting  right so I used different stitches and made this.  I was trying to think of what I could do with it, so I stuck a candle in the jar to see how it looked.

Not bad, but I'll probably use it to put change in :)

Why do I do these things.

   I am starting my Mom's blanket over.  It just seems too plan. I am still using the same pattern but I am making 5 squares across instead of 7 and making a really wide border.  I just need to figure out how to go from a row of sc to a groups of 3 like you would do in a granny square.  and I am making an extra sc row around each row of squares.  I need to have it done by March 10 why I am deciding to try something new now is beyond me. Hopefully it will be worth it. I really want to make my Mom something she will love.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Metal Madness Bracelet from Crochet! Magazine

Just made this bracelet from a pattern in my Crochet! magazine.  I didn't do the border because I think it would have been to wide, and I ran out of string anyway.  I don't love it. I don't hate it. I'll probably never wear it in public.  Just wanted to see how it looked in person.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Featured Etsy Seller

My first featured Etsy shop is DaVine Jewelry.    

Etsy Shop Name: DaVine Jewelry

Your Name: Danielle Vaillancourt
Age: 30

What do you make?: Jewelry

How long have you been making jewelry?

I've been making jewelry in one form or another since I was a little girl- I used to play around with beads to make my own jewelry and proudly wear it to school as a kid. I was always fascinated by my mother and grandmother's jewelry collections, i would sit for hours trying things on and inspecting them. In 4th grade my grandmother gave me a bunch of her old costume jewelry to play with and take apart to make new things with- I loved it! By the time I got to high school I started manipulating wire to create my own links, chains, and fun patterns to incorporate with all the beads I had collected over the years. When I went to RISD I came very close to being a sculpture major since I enjoyed working in 3D, but then I realized that if I majored in Jewelry & Metalsmithing I could combine that with my passion for jewelry- making tiny "sculptures" that people could wear.

Shop description: I sell jewelry handmade by me and inspired by patterns and forms found in nature. Here in New England, there is much to be inspired by, with our miles and miles of coastline, beaches, forests, and mountains. I love finding treasures and incorporating them into my work!

Random fact about yourself: For the longest time growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist. 

Featured Etsy Seller

I am constantly looking at all the great things people post on Etsy.  Someone once posted one of my items on their blog.  I think I am going to start doing something like that myself.  Maybe a short interview, pics of their shop and a link.  I better start thinking of some questions to ask.
   Avery turned 1 yesterday!  We had a cupcake party for her on Saturday.  

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

 Avery's birthday is coming up.  We are having a cupcake themed party for her on Saturday.  I can't believe how fast the year flew by.  I think she is going to be walking by the end of the week.
 I haven't heard back from leisure arts, but I posted my pattern on Etsy and it sold!  I am definitely going to write out more patterns.  A lot of people seem to like my alien rattle so I think I am going to go back and try to figure out how I made it. Now I regret not writing things down.  I want to finish making my Mom's throw before I do all that.  I wasn't able to finish for Christmas, so I want to have it done by her birthday.  

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sleepy Black Bear/Polar Bear

Copyright © Jessica Boyer 2011 All Rights Reserved.

    I submitted pictures of my bears to Leisure Arts today.  They said it takes 3-4 weeks for them to review the picture and decide weather or not it is something they are interested in. I am not sure if I should sell it on Etsy, or if I can sell it while I wait for an answer from them.