Tuesday, December 21, 2010


  Finished the elephant for Alyssa and the goat for Jillian before Christmas got here.  Phew >_<;  I was starting to sweat.  I was going to make a bunch of slippers for people but I just don't have time.  Hopefully I'll finish the throw for my Mom by her birthday.  I decided for 2011 I am just going to make a bunch of stuff with a goal for having enough for gifts and a craft fair for Christmas time.  I am going to post pics of the goat after Christmas is over.
   Last week I joined the CGOA I am so excited.  I want to take their master crochet program.  Then I want to teach some beginner crochet classes.  I feel like this is the start of something for me :)  Hopefully I can do the projects they send me.  

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