Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas plans

   Christmas is going to be crazy this year.  It is Avery's first Christmas and I am SO excited.  We gave her one of her gifts the other day.  She started tearing off the paper piece by tiny piece.  Once she saw that there was something under it she started going nuts.  We got her a toy cell phone because she is always trying to take everybody's.  She loves it.  My mom gave her a stuffed talking dog today while we were over, making stuff for Christmas Eve.  She has so much stuff to open Christmas and Christmas Eve she isn't going to know what to do with herself. 
    We are going all over the place, tomorrow we have my husband's aunt's party.  Christmas Eve we go to my parent's party then his parent's house to be with his family.  Then Christmas we are going to Memere and Pepere's, my Dad's, his parent's to eat, my parent's, then back to his parent's for games.  
   Christmas hasn't been the same since my grandfather past away.  I loved him so much and think about him everyday.  Avery has brought back my Christmas spirit.  If he was still alive I know they would have had so much fun together.  This year going to be amazing not because it is going to be like it used to be, but because it is a new kind of Christmas, with new traditions and my beautiful baby girl.

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